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Twisted Goddess Tarot

Specific Question Tarot Reading

Specific Question Tarot Reading

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If you are looking for a General Reading, please see the Chakra Tarot Reading for a general energetic alignment reading.

Powerful questions yield powerful answers. It is best to seek a tarot reading when you have a specific question in mind. To receive an impactful reading, it is best to ask an opened ended question, rather than a yes or no.
For example: Rather than asking will I get this promotion? Try asking what steps can I take to move up in my career?

Remember that tarot is not necessarily a fortune telling tool. Tarot reads the current energy to offer guidance, insight, and clarity. It can show the most likely future outcome based on the current energy. Our futures are not set in stone. Changes in thoughts, actions, and beliefs (your own or others involved) can change the future trajectory.

Since our futures are not set in stone, it's best to not ask timing questions. For example: Rather than asking When will I meet my soulmate? Try asking what steps can I take to call in my soulmate?

Tarot is also extremely useful in getting help deciding between two choices or paths. We can then pull cards to feel into the energy of the outcome of either choice, to help you decide.

This reading is typically 30 minutes, but can go up to a maximum of 60 minutes.
You can ask 1-2 specific questions centered around 1-2 specific areas of life (love, career, spiritual growth, etc), or get help deciding between two choices or paths.

Please leave your 1-2 question(s) in the "order special instructions" box in you cart before checking out or email them to me at:
If choosing love: please note whether you are single or in a relationship.

I do not do readings on legal matters, physical health, or pregnancy.

Also, please note that you are giving me spiritual consent to read your energy, it is best practice to keep your questions centered around yourself. If your questions are centered around what someone else is thinking or doing, they have not given me spiritual consent to read their energy.

Choose Your Delivery Method:
A.) RECORDED VIDEO: with this method I will record your tarot reading and you will receive a link via email to access the video within 2 weeks of ordering. The video will be a private unlisted youtube video that only you can access. You'll have access to the video as long as youtube exists.

B.) ZOOM SESSION: with this method we will meet on zoom for a 30-60 minute call that will be recorded. The video recording will only be available for 7 days after the session. After purchasing, please contact me at to schedule your zoom session.
❗️Please note that zoom sessions are limited to Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11am-4pm EST only. If these times do not align, please opt for the RECORDED VIDEO option❗️

*Tarot Readings do not take the place of professional medical or mental health advice and should not be used as a substitute for those services*

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