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Twisted Goddess Crystals

Raw Azeztulite

Raw Azeztulite

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Azeztulite is a special type of quartz, it comes in clear to white color (these are clear) and has the same metaphysical properties as regular clear quartz, the master healer. It is said to have been originated from star beings called the Azez, which means nameless lights.
Satyaloka Azeztulite is from the southern part of India by a monastery called Satya Loka.

Some say that Azeztulite is just a trade name, but others believe that Azeztulite has a higher frequency. I believe that it has a higher vibration, but see for yourself!

It is known in the metaphysical world as a stone of light and communication and a catalyst of inter-dimensional travel. Azeztulite is believed to carry powerful energies that initiate transformation in people, especially spiritual transformation.

You will receive one intuitively selected piece of raw Azeztulite ranging from 1.5" long to 2.3" long.

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