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Natural Moroccan Citrine

Natural Moroccan Citrine

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These Citrine pieces have a deep honey color, but they are completely natural, not heat treated like most "citrine" on the market!
Moroccan Citrine is a new mineral find from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, getting its hue from traces of iron, which adds power, and exposure to extreme heat from deep inside the earth.
It is quite different to the natural Brazilian or Congo Citrine you may see.
These pieces in particular are extra special, as they all have an abundance of sparkling points (similar to spirit quartz), and some feature elestial formations as well.
Citrine is a stone of abundance, wealth, happiness, and health.
It is considered a powerful manifestation crystal, known as the merchant's stone because it is said to bring luck and prosperity to business.
It activates the solar plexus energy center, bringing self esteem and confidence, helping you to shine brightly.
It is said to increase mental clarity and bring vitality and positive energy.
Affirmation: "I have the power to create my reality."
You will receive one intuitively selected piece of Natural Moroccan Citrine. ~1-1.5" and weighing between 10 - 17 grams.
Consider purchasing multiples for your abundance crystal grids!
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Customer Reviews

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Erin Jepson
Just Perfect

I am super happy with my pieces of Natural Moroccan Citrine. I ordered four pieces and just love them. Right now they are simply enjoyed in my crystal collection, but I look forward to using them in grids. Color and points are accurate to provided photos. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you love them!