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Twisted Goddess Crystals

Iris Agate Slice E

Iris Agate Slice E

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Iris Agate is an iridescent agate, that exhibits a spectrum of colors when viewed under a light. It was named after the word Iris, meaning “a rainbow of colors”. When not viewed under the light, Iris Agate looks like any typical agate slice.

Iris Agate is a transformative crystal that can help you reflect upon yourself, ultimately providing clarity within. There is also lore stating that Iris Agate is said to grant wishes. It is said to meditate with the crystal while focusing on your deepest desires or manifestations. Aside from that, the rainbow colors are simply a bringer of happiness alone.

Note : The photos are taken in dark room with help of the light behind. The last photo shows it's appearance in natural lighting.

83mm x 73mm x 2mm
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