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Twisted Goddess Crystals

Fishtail aka Angel Wing Selenite

Fishtail aka Angel Wing Selenite

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FIshtail Selenite is a High Vibrational Stone, bringing angelic energies, dispelling negativity, and a stone of honesty & truth.
Fishtail Selenite is also extremely calming, stabilizing emotions and releasing tension.
Fishtail Selenite is also called Angel's Wing Selenite as this crystal facilitates angelic contact.
Selenite instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.
Fishtail Selenite, is popular among mineral collectors and sought for its healing properties. Like all Selenite, Fishtail specimens are thought to be powerful crystals for energy cleansing and removing negative energy from other crystals or physical spaces.

Selenite is named after the moon goddess Selene and is said to contain the energy of the moon. This is why Selenite is said to never need cleansing and it cleanses other crystals, environments, and you!
Use it to cleanse and connect with the divine.

Affirmation: "I am one with myself and my Higher Power"
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