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Twisted Goddess Tarot

Chakra Tarot Reading (General Energy Check In)

Chakra Tarot Reading (General Energy Check In)

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If you are looking for a general tarot reading, rather than a specific question, this is the one!

A 7 card reading for your chakra system, giving you insight into your current overall energetic well being and guidance on how to bring yourself back into alignment.

Includes additional oracle guidance cards and crystal suggestions.

New to chakras and their meanings?
Don't worry, you will gain education on the chakra system as well as receive personal messages regarding your energy centers in this reading.

This reading is sent via a link to a private, unlisted youtube video that only you have access to. The link will be sent to the email provided at checkout within two weeks of purchase.

This reading is not available via zoom, as it is important for you to have the video to reference back as you are incorporating the healing recommended for you.

*Tarot Readings do not take the place of professional medical or mental health advice and should not be used as a substitute for those services*

I am a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition, which educates on the energy/chakra system.
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