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Twisted Goddess Crystals

Tiffany Stone Bracelet

Tiffany Stone Bracelet

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Tiffany Stone is an Opalized Fluorite.
Known as the stone of passion, it is said to amplify the good in relationships and bring about feelings of love.
It is said to aid in transition and transformation by clearing away clutter and making room for new. It provides emotional strength and persistence during transitions and changes.
It helps strengthen intuition, but also helps translate the information coming through.
It is said to aid in communication and psychic abilities, as well as removing energy blockages.
It is said to help with business and business success.

Affirmation: "My energy flows with balance and ease."

This listing is for one stretchy Tiffany Stone bracelet.
Bead Size: 8mm
Bracelet Size: 6.5" when relaxed

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