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Twisted Goddess Crystals

Mini Yoga Goddesses

Mini Yoga Goddesses

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Remind yourself that you are a goddess!
Each goddess stands at 1.6" tall

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Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, it increases self love and overall happiness.
Affirmation: "I am loved unconditionally."

Pyrite is often used to increase abundance, strength, energy, willpower, and confidence.
Affirmation: "I succeed in everything I do."

Garnet is often called the stone of commitment and can represent commitment to purpose, to others, and to oneself. Garnet brings love, passion, devotion, and warmth. It is said to energize the mind, body, and spirit. Arfvedsonite is a manifestation stone that you can use to make things happen in your life and helps you to take control of your life by showing a clear vision of where you want to end up. It helps you to remain calm under stressful situations so that you can think from your head instead of reacting based on emotion. This is a visionary crystal, increasing psychic visions.Affirmation: "I am passionate and full of energy"

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